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Omnichannel implies a new reality for the art of marketing and branding

omnichannel marketing

Many people only think about ecommerce and digital-in-store, when they think about omnichannel implications for fashion brands. But omnichannel revolutionises the marketing and branding conditions just as much as the sales and retail conditions.     As an omnichannel strategy centralizes governance structure, channel management and decision rights, and customers become customers of the brand at a […]

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Why Do People Follow Brands on Facebook and Twitter?

why consumers follow brands

Most consumers (36.9% on FB & 43,5% on Twitter) say that the main reason for following a brand on Facebook and Twitter is because of the perks; discounts, special deals, and give aways. Customers who are alrady customers of your brand, are more likely to follow you on social media platforms (32.9% on FB & […]

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Costume April 11: What happend for Galliano?


“Brand wise Dior is more established and stronger than Galliano, so Dior will survive. Perhaps they can even turn this situation into a good thing, by cleverly and quickly getting a new designer onboard. This way they can capitalise on all the media attention”. “Regarding Galliano, the fashion world will forgive him, as he is the […]

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