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A Step Ahead with Consumer Insights


  The danish fashion magazine IN publiced a great foreward thinking issue in February 2018 with the title ‘Looking into the Future’. The angle was tech, research and women working at the forefront of this field – such as Malou Aamund, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Eva Fog and Christiane Vejlø.   I’m really proud to contribute to this amazing issue, […]

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Consumers are connecting with retailers on Facebook

Social Tools

Internet users follow retailers for more than just deals and discounts Social commerce may be on the minds of retailers everywhere, but buying through Facebook is still far from mainstream. But it is hard to say whether shoppers are being restricted by the lack of “f-commerce” opportunities on Facebook, or whether retailers are hesitant to […]

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Why Do People Follow Brands on Facebook and Twitter?

why consumers follow brands

Most consumers (36.9% on FB & 43,5% on Twitter) say that the main reason for following a brand on Facebook and Twitter is because of the perks; discounts, special deals, and give aways. Customers who are alrady customers of your brand, are more likely to follow you on social media platforms (32.9% on FB & […]

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Co-creation is catching on

Companies like LEGO lead the way when it comes to involving the consumers and building a community around co-creation. Now more mainstream companies are tapping into the opportunity as well. It is not just about marketing; it’s about a whole new way of creating products and services. If done right, it’s both responsible and sustainable. […]

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