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Companies use bloggers increasingly


A few years ago it was only the leaders of the fashion pack that included bloggers in their marketing and PR plan. Now every one from the car industry to supermarkets and furniture companies interact with bloggers. It means that the consumers have a strong voice today on the internet, and those who are achieving large […]

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The great potential of Flash Sales

Flash Sales

Flash Sale sites are still gaining popularity and attracting millions of dollars in investments. Some of the originals, Gilt and Rue La La have just announced new investments in May 2011 (Gilt Groupe’s raised $168 million from a group that included Goldman Sachs) and are thereby proving the success of the concept. Even marketplace giants […]

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Fashion m-commerce sites convert sales better than apps

Fashion forum 2maj11

Fashion companies need to start focusing on mobile for both commerce and for communication. Today, 20% of mobile phones sold are smartphones, in 2013 it will be 60%. Already, fashion consumers are amongst the top users of smartphones and expect to interact with and buy from their favorite brands on the go. According to Forrester, 15% […]

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Costume April 11: What happend for Galliano?


“Brand wise Dior is more established and stronger than Galliano, so Dior will survive. Perhaps they can even turn this situation into a good thing, by cleverly and quickly getting a new designer onboard. This way they can capitalise on all the media attention”. “Regarding Galliano, the fashion world will forgive him, as he is the […]

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3 strategies for ecommerce

Business 30 Mar11

Ecommerce is changing retail by introducing virtual mirrors, mobile applications for shopping in store and by pushing physical stores to become stronger retail theatres. A retailer can be a pure player, a multichannel retailer or a crosschannel retailer. http://www.business.dk/bny/3-strategier-for-nethandel

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Stormagasiner på nettet

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EPN Stormagasiner online

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Co-creation is catching on

Companies like LEGO lead the way when it comes to involving the consumers and building a community around co-creation. Now more mainstream companies are tapping into the opportunity as well. It is not just about marketing; it’s about a whole new way of creating products and services. If done right, it’s both responsible and sustainable. […]

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